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Who We Are


With over 3.9 million registered motorcycles in Bangkok, it is evident how crucial motorcycles are in today’s urban society. Besides being a fast and energy-efficient mode of transportation, motorcycles also contribute to time savings and reduce household travel expenses, including fuel and maintenance costs. Additionally, they help decrease pollution compared to smaller-sized cars. However, despite the growing sales of motorcycles, there is a noticeable lack of standardized service centers that meet the needs of the expanding biking community in Thailand. Due to this circumstance, BikeMan Limited was established in the year 2013 with the support of a group of true motorcycle enthusiasts. Operating under the name “BikeMan,” it serves as a One Stop Service center for Thai motorcycle users. The company provides professional repair and maintenance services for motorcycles, delivered by a team of expert mechanics. Quality assurance is guaranteed, and the company offers a diverse range of products from leading partner brands, including IRC, Michelin, Deestone, ND Castrol, Honda, Yamaha, Valvoline, Elf, and others.

BikeMan has service centers covering the entire Bangkok metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs, with the aim of reaching a total of 100 branches by the end of the year 2025. The company also has plans to expand its branches through a Franchise system in the future.


BikeMan is more than just a general motorcycle service center. With a dedication to creating a comprehensive service network that reaches communities far and wide, we aim to generate careers, income, and drive business growth. Our vision is to foster the stable and sustainable growth of our organization, employees, and partners by providing accessible and complete services to the community.


  • Diverse and Standardized Services: Provide a variety of standardized services to meet the diverse needs of riders within each community.
  • Opportunity Empowerment: Empower individuals by offering opportunities for career development, knowledge acquisition, and community building in line with the local context.
  • Adaptability to Change: Responsively adapt to changes through innovative solutions, creating commercial returns to foster the growth of our organization, employees, and stakeholders throughout our business chain.

Our Value

Throughout times, BikeMan has undergone a complete rebranding. This includes the transformation of our service centers, the introduction of new products, and collaborative marketing activities with our new partners. These changes aim to reach motorcycle users and cater to the lifestyle of the modern biker era. This encompasses aspects such as credit services, financial offerings, promotions, and cashback discounts for the convenience of purchasing our products and services.

Why Choose Us

Motto of a relationship between customers and the organization

To begin with, you must be sincere. and able to respond to customer needs.

It is to make customers feel proud to use products or services from our organization.

Make customers feel good about using our products or services.

When customers are attracted to our products or services We must make our customers feel like they are important and we must maintain this standard at all times.